Training centre of excellence

Training centre of excellence If you enroll in the MBAsp “Security Management” training course, you will have the privilege to attend the academic classes within the Military School, an exceptional site. Located in the heart of Paris (7th arrondissement), the academy course combines all the higher military education institutions and two renowned national institutes: the Institut de Hautes Études de la Défense Nationale (IHEDN) and the Institut des Hautes Études Sécurité Justice (IHEDN).

Early 2,000 military personnel and professionals from the private sector work there for the defence and security of our territory in more than fifty organizations encompassing a variety of statutes and a wide range of activities.

Every year, 300,000 visitors also come here to carry out research work or to take part in the more than 3,000 events that occur/take place here and for which you ‘ll be eligible as well.

The Security Management MBA: densification of skills

Aimed at experienced senior executives (min. 5 years), business leaders, with a bac+5 level diploma, the MBAsp Security Management is a part-time training course that takes place over 14 weeks (407 hours ) spread over 1 or 2 years depending on your professional availability.

Delivered by recognized speakers, this training is designed to allow you to approach safety and security issues from another angle with a 360° vision of the safety and security sector. It will give you the knowledge you need to play a key role in strategic security decisions within your organization.

Based on the strengthening of public-private co-production, the training is designed to promote the sharing of expertise between high-level players from the world of business or institutions. The promotion is therefore made up of 1/4 gendarmerie officers and 3/4 public and private security professionals.

This training is also a crossroads of skills development sharing tactical reasoning, experiences in the field, different institutional approaches and a culture of public service, with an opposing vision of the business world, new management methods, a capacity for agility and a culture of results.

At the end of this year, auditors can naturally move towards security or safety director functions. It also broadens the scope of skills of leaders and senior managers who have to manage all types of risks within organizations.

Registered with the RNCP since July 30, 2018, the training delivers a certified level 7 diploma (EU-RNCP) awarding the title of “Safety Engineering Director”.


Business financing rate: €19,500.

Personal financing rate: €12,500

Administration fee: contact us.

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MBA symposium

MBA Symposium To foster reflection on the major security issues and strengthen partnership between public and private organizations, the MBA department is organizing a symposium/colloquium in Spring. The even takes place on an afternoon of round-table discussion hosted by renowned public and private safety actors. Each year, more than 300 professionals go to Military Academy to attend this event and participate in the debates.

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Auditors reviews

David T.

The MBA brought added value to the diverse aspects of my professional activity, especially in my role as a referent in economic intelligence. The interdisciplinary/cross-cutting approach of the public-private sector and the numerous feedbacks of experience gave us the opportunity to continuously improve and strengthen the quality of our actions within our security department.

Fabien L.

IT transformation program manager at ArcelorMittal

This MBA allowed me to develop an approach to public-private co-production by comparing the know-how of the gendarmerie with that of private security agencies.

Stéphanie F.

This MBA gave me the opportunity to refine my approach to safety and risk management, in its double dimension, both strategic and operational.